Why Host with OOH?

We host numerous client websites on our finely tuned hosting plans featuring virtual and dedicated private servers built on world-class public cloud and datacenter platforms. This allows us to provide our clients with lightning fast page speeds and ultra-tight site security. You can also rest assured knowing that we handle all the day-to-day operations such as backups, operating system updates and security patches so you can stay focused on your business, not your tech stack.

Managed HA

Engineered from the latest AWS Cloud Infrastructure services, our Managed High-Availability hosting is designed with a focus on security and website performance, while eliminating any single point of failure to guard against service disruptions. Your website is load balanced across multiple Availability Zones with discrete server hardware, power, and network uplinks so your website will keep humming through just about anything.

  • Load Balanced & Auto Scaling for fast and reliable service
  • Protected by Web Application Firewall (WAF) with Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDPS)
  • Advanced server resource and event monitoring detects changing conditions before problems occur

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting can be the most flexible solution for custom websites and applications with complex hosting requirements. With isolated enterprise-grade compute, memory and storage resources dedicated to your website and right-sized for your needs, VPS hosting provides a level of stability and security above traditional shared hosting.

  • Server sizes / plans available to fit most businesses
  • Limitless configuration options: NoSQL databases, cache/proxy servers, ElasticSearch, ...
  • Dedicated Server capabilities without the overhead